International Chef Recruitment In The UK


  • ZGet a qualified international chef in your kitchen within 3 weeks
  • ZChefs with experience in 4 and 5 star establishments
  • ZFrom chef de partie level and above
  • ZWe can meet any chef requirements
  • ZVery competitive salaries
  • ZCommitted to your restaurant
  • ZWe have a network of international talent partners
  • ZProcess made much easier from 2021

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Food Motion are renowned international hospitality consultants based in London.

We support hospitality operators to launch, grow and refine their businesses.  A key part of our services is the sourcing of skilled chefs from foreign countries and the support infrastructures and systems to bring these chefs into the UK under sponsorship visas.

International Recruitment

Food Motion supports UK hospitality operators by sourcing international skilled chefs and supporting both employer through a streamlined sponsorship visa and relocation system.


We guide and support employers in three key areas:

  • Sourcing and pre-assessing international skilled chefs from chef de partie level and above.
  • Support through every step of the sponsorship process.
  • Employee support and training services for their relocation to the UK.

Benefits of Recruiting International Skilled Chefs Through Food Motion People


  • ZPipeline of qualified and experienced chefs who are keen and committed to working in the UK.
  • ZWe have a range of Talent Partners positioned in India who search for and assess suitable candidates.
  • ZFood Motion carries out a detailed assessment and due diligence process before presenting for interview.
  • ZHigher retention rate of sponsored candidates.
  • ZMinimum salary of £26.500 (£10.62 p/hr based on a 48 hour working week)
  • ZAdds stability to your kitchen team.
  • ZAdds diversity to your brigade.
  • ZBrings in skills and new ideas not found in the local labour force.
  • ZOpen a new pool of candidates for you with less competition to hire.
  • ZCandidates seeking to improve their quality of life are more motivated to work.

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The Sponsorship Process

Food Motion partners with Nation, better to lead the visa sponsorship and compliance process.
Typical immigration journey in the UK:

Obtaining a Sponsorship Licence

All establishments can become a sponsor, from fast food restaurants, fine dining to hotels. The licence is given for a period or either 3 or 5 years and following that citizenship can be applied for.


➣ Be a genuine business; Lawfully operate and trade in the UK;

➣ Be able to carry out sponsor duties;

➣ Provide certain documents to support your application.



Have HR and recruitment systems in place;

➣ Ensure the Home Office is able to visit and conduct checks;

➣ Offer a genuine employment;

➣ Appoint Key Personnel;

Have no previous sponsorship non-compliance.


A company will need to accumulate at least 4 pieces of evidence to support application. For example:

 ➣ Bank Statements;

➣ Employer’s liability insurance;

➣ Rental Agreement;

➣ Vat Registration;

➣ PAYE Registration;

➣ Annual accounts;

➣ Any license to operate lawfully.



➣ The Home Office might visit your premises before approving application;

➣ You can register all your branches can be added lately;

➣ Once license is granted, you must manage Sponsor Management System (SMS)

Next Steps

  • ZSend us your requirements
  • ZSign our engagement contract
  • ZSecure Sponsorship Licence whilst we propose the best chef match for your requirements
  • ZInterview process with potential employees
  • ZEmployee visa process through our partner
  • ZFood Motion training and support services
  • ZEmployee starts and fees payable

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